Nigerian tertiary institutions face tremendous challenges in the overall conduct of engineering education programs that have failed to equip students with the requisite skills to meet the demands of the world of work and modern society.

Throughout the years, the industry has been the most concerned about the standard of engineering graduates from universities and polytechnics in Nigeria. Despite its enormous resources, the current trend in engineering education in Nigeria has created a gap between the standard of training earned by the graduates against the employers ‘ expectations in the country’s businesses and industries.

The dilapidation of laboratories and facilities at tertiary institutions in Nigeria has been a major concern for all engineering education stakeholders. Much of the tertiary schools, laboratories, and facilities, have been the old ones given since the schools started for decades and are therefore totally out of date with our graduates ‘ current training of our graduates. The quantity of the farcicalities is grossly inadequate, and for those institutions that have laboratories are facing an acute shortage of supplies of consumables and equipment (Owolabi & Rafiu, 2010).

NETPRO a truly innovative and future-focused technology company, with a significant track record of transformational projects in education in West Africa. Our recent arrangement with EDIBON International, a leading manufacturer of modern engineering and technical teaching equipment, is aimed at bridging the skills gap and bringing solutions to the doorsteps of our educational establishments. EDIBON designs and manufactures Engineering and Technical Teaching Equipment, at the highest level and quality, in most Engineering areas, for more than 30 years. The huge investment in Research development and Innovation makes EDIBON a reference company in this sector worldwide. Most of the over 3,000 different units are produced with UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY. Thousands of Universities, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, and Technical Training Centres, in all continents, recognize the technology and know-how.

We are committed to working with you through the continuum of needs assessment, gap analysis,

Refurbishment and modernization of existing equipment where possible, development of technical

Specification of equipment, a seamless supply of equipment and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Software, laboratory designs, and implementation, training, and staff development, etc. We can work with Tertiary institutions to review available funding options and will provide advice on funding opportunities.

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