Our ChildSecure Solution is an automated intelligent system which acts as a complete attendance management system for the new age school. The Solution uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that reads and captures personal records stored on a tag attached to the student name card or identity card, and thus, marks the attendance for entry/exit and sends an alert to the parent about the child’s arrival and departure from the school premises. The child can be tracked several feet away and does not need to be within direct line-of-sight of the reader (a wall-mounted device) – an important feature for the child’s safety.

Today, the security challenges in our school system bring to the forefront a serious concern about issues ranging from school security measures to child safety. The primary responsibility of every school is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students and providing knowledge of all attendance. The conventional system of attendance management involves the use of exit cards, which are presented at the school’s gate, from where approvals are sought. Attendance marking usually comprises of manual roll call and involves a lot of paperwork, making it difficult to search for any data and perform modifications on them. This method results to a child’s vulnerability to abduction or loss (missing child) during or after school hours.

Implementing our ChildSecure Solution in your school will help in monitoring the child’s entry and exit from school, reduce attendance related issues and eliminate a child’s security and safety worries of parents.  As the child enters the school gate, the parents receive a notification of a child’s entry and exit from school. Parents also get alert when the school bus is about to reach the child’s home.  Our Solution helps in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance reports of each child apart from real-time recording and notification, so that any anomalies in the attendance can be traced and rectified. Our ChildSecure Solution is affordable. Our contract terms will be designed to suit the requirements of your school, and the project will be executed with precision and deserving level of professionalism. Netpro will further train designated staff of your school on the applicability of our Solution, and our team will be 24/7 available to handle any technical issue or concern that you may have.

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