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Provision of Internet Services (ISP)

Netpro International Limited has partnered with leading internet providers across Nigeria to provide the best available service for Education Institutions, Healthcare organisations and small scale businesses.

Our partners offer satellite, fibre, cable, DSL, and wireless high-speed internet options that may be right for you. Internet speeds, availability, and cost are different for every address, therefore to get this information, contact our highly trained sales agents who will provide you with the relevant information.

NetPro International Limited provides a wide area and local network design, implementation and support services which include IP solutions that allow the integration of data, voice, and video.  These services are fully customized to support various institution’s LAN/WAN-based systems and operational infrastructure. These services provide cost-effective networks that seamlessly accommodate dynamic business environments, product and service introductions, and information technology requirements.


NetPro International Limited maximizes connectivity and systems and data access as well as ensures security and provides the value-added benefit of serving as the single point of contact, support, and accountability for all network-related operational issues. 

What It Does For You

–          It Optimizes the information of institutions processing solutions.

–          Facilitates the implementation of dependable, cost-effective networks that seamlessly accommodate each institution’s dynamic business environments, specific growth strategies, ongoing product and service introductions, and near- and long-term information technology requirements.

–          It reduces telecommunications costs.

–          It maximizes connectivity.

–          It maximizes systems and data access.

–          It ensures state-of-the-industry security.

–          It enhances diverse operational infrastructures. Increases enterprise-wide operating efficiencies and productivity.

Enterprise Network Design, Implementation & Support

Enterprise Cloud Services

Cloud computing has become indispensable in today’s world. Individuals and organisations now require on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power to fulfil their day to day needs. The need to automate these services and limit active user-management has also become an imperative.

NetPro International Limited works the world’s leading enterprise cloud service providers to address the needs of our clients.

As we slowly move towards a future where Software-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-service become the norm, the availability of real-time support for our clients is making a bid difference.

Please CONTACT US today to discuss your requirements and be rest assured that your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

With over a hundred million subscribers already sold, Microsoft Office 365 has proven over time to be a great productivity tool for every enterprise or organization.

Microsoft Office 365 helps to: streamline workflow processes, work securely with random access from different locations, collaborate with team members using services like SharePoint, Skype, and OneDrive, create and manage files, among other exciting features.

NetPro a consulting IT firm has over the years deployed the Microsoft Office 365 productivity tool for numerous organizations and businesses. Our cloud experience and reputation are matchless, and that has earned us a partnership with Microsoft.

Once you choose us to work with you, we will dive into action immediately and review what you currently have running, then proffer the best Office 365 plan for your business.

Our years of experience as Microsoft partners have exposed us to the in-depth knowledge of Office 365’s dynamic features and its network solutions. Our professionals are ready to work with you to meet your unique needs, swiftly complete the deployment and migration process, even as we continue to support you after the deployment.

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Microsoft Office 365 Deployment

G Suite Implementation and Support

If you are contemplating the implementation of G Suite for your organization, then look no further. Google G Suite provides rich cloud-based business applications to make work easy for organizations. Workers get to work remotely, share files, and collaborate without downtime or data loss with G Suite.

Transitioning to G Suite involves 4 critical stages that should not be overlooked in other to achieve seamless implementation; this is why at NetPro we carefully and technically follow these 4 stages during the migration process, paying close attention to details to ensure that the whole delivery process is carried out professionally.

These four stages include:

  1. Analysis of business background on general IT communication system
  2. Account setup and data migration
  3. Staff training and UAT
  4. Go-Live and continuous 24/7 support.

If you are ready to set up G Suite for your organization, get in touch with us today and we will revert in less than 24 hours. We will assign a dedicated Project Implementation Manager that will champion the whole implementation process to achieve the expected result. We will ensure a hitch-free transition process and the smooth running of the platform for the utmost productivity for your organization.

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Sales of Enterprise Network Equipment, Mobile/Portable devices, and accessories

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