Improving Public Healthcare Management System

(NETPRO’s Precisio HMS)

The essential role of healthcare is the delivery of accurate information aimed at mitigating future health risks among many other issues.

Consequently, ineffective monitoring methods will contribute to tremendous health vulnerability in the public health system, and thereby threaten national security, etc.

Outbreaks of communicable diseases have been a threat not only to human lives but also to national security for decades. Today, infectious outbreaks can be monitored and emergency care and prevention measures improved even as it occurs through a large population.

In addition to proper healthcare provision, medical and epidemiological monitoring are important activities of public health organizations whose role is to protect the public from global health risks like outbreaks of communicable diseases, catastrophe outbreaks and bioterrorism.

To prevent the numerous risks and coordination lapses in order to improve the preparation, management and training of health workers which can have a positive impact on the efficiency of the health sector, timely and reliable medical knowledge from a wide variety of sources is needed.

For several years Nigerian health care had experienced many outbreaks of infectious illness and widespread chemical poisoning. Therefore, the issue needs to be discussed tremendously.

NETPRO’S Precisio HMS is an integrated system for managing Hospital operations such as the administrative, Legal, finance and medical aspect of any hospital.

It is a integrated customizable hospital management system designed to manage all the areas of a hospital operations which includes medical, financial, administrative and the corresponding processing of Healthcare services. This Solution can be used by Specialist Clinics, Medical Practitioners and Healthcare Sectors

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